Our Firm

We provide management services to companies, in support to their daily activities, offering solutions based on our technical capacity.

Besides our management and financial monitoring services, we are also a Private Equity house.

We have education initiatives aiming to transmit knowledge to shareholders, executives, amongst others.

We follow finance, management and governance best practices as fundamental cornerstones of our activities.

Our Activities

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Activity in which Dorset uses its experience to state an opinion regarding the company’s financial controls adequacy, its decision making instruments and the capacity of its professionals as compared to the objectives of the company’s managers and shareholders.

Support to Management

In response to demands by managers of companies as to the absence of qualified professionals in the financial departments (reliability associated to technical depth), we have created this recurring service. We utilize proprietary results-monitoring methodology to support company's managements on their decision making processes.

Financial Modeling

Spot financial modeling services for the purpose of quantification of diverse-nature projects, ie: quantification of investments (new plant, asset acquirement, etc), new business unit (hiring, technological assets, etc), preparation for fundraising, budgeting, five-year plan for Boards, many-scenarios forecasting exercises, etc.

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Courses aimed at companies’ management and/or shareholders, in which knowledge is transmitted through practical situations and real needs, transferring concepts which aid in daily decision making processes.

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Private Equity

Capital management and investments in private companies.


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Transparency, dialogue and resilience are the pillars of our Culture, establishing strong relationships with entrepreneurs and investors.

We believe that the didactic through numbers is capable of eliminating conflicts of opinion as well as the complexity of different visions amongst shareholders.


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We have internal policies and procedures aiming to maintaining conduct standards, with focus on independence of our decisions and preventing any potential conflict of interest, that if identified should be dealt with in the most clear and transparent way, for the benefit of our clients and investors, in line with international best practices and existing rules.

Manuals and Internal Procedures, as required by local regulation:

Política de Investimentos Pessoais (art. 14, inciso V, da ICVM 558)
Declaração da Política de Rateio e Divisão de Ordens (art. 14, inciso VII, da ICVM 558)
Formulário de Referência (art. 14, inciso I, da ICVM 558)
Manual de Compliance (art. 14, inciso III, da ICVM 558)
Manual de Ética e Conduta (art. 14, inciso II, da ICVM 558)
Política de Gestão de Riscos (art. 14, inciso IV, da ICVM 558)