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“We initiated a relationship with Dorset almost 6 years ago. Dorset’s professionals were key during this period in the execution of our management modernization and succession plan.

Together we have revolutionized the company, creating several KPIs, a much more dynamic and precise financial visibility, as well as the creation and adjustment of processes, insuring great professionalization of the company.

Serious, competent, ethical and professional are some adjectives I can quickly think of, as well as, of course, extremely trustworthy.

I strongly recommend.”

Marcus Sandin
CEO Belfort Group


“Oxipira has undoubtedly shifted to a new stage after the contract and partnership with Dorset which began in years 2012/2013.

Not only regarding financial intelligence, but mostly in bringing Corporate Governance to a level that did not previously exist.

Allowing, among other points, a much closer proximity between the financer manager (internal controller), shareholders and the Board, besides facilitating fundraising processes, M&A and so on.”

Júlio Junior, Oxipira Automação
Leader in Cutting Solutions


“At first I hired Dorset due to a M&A process.

I ended up realizing their work to be much more comprehensive, a reorganization on the way to view and operate financial department.

Through them I also understood a company that wants to be sold must first adopt management strategies for such.

I deeply appreciate the lessons learned, which I will always carry with me on my life as a manager.”

Alessandro Maracajá
CEO Solutions One


“I met Dorset because they were service providers at the company I worked for. We were able to work alongside on some projects and what pleased me the most was to realize the shared values: honesty and persistency. The entire Dorset team shares these values, which transmits security and trust.


With them I learned a lot about strategy and was able to see that “to do the right thing, for the sake of it being the right thing” goes beyond just words.

I safely recommend Dorset.”

Vilna Porto
Belfort’s Quality Manager

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“Since the start of the discussions with Dorset’s partners we perceived a strong alignment of values and principles.

I believe that was the differential so that the work could flow with practicality, accuracy and efficiency.

The result brought us a strategical vision of our business which had been left aside until then.

We could see and decide on internal changes in a much clear manner to the extent of affirming the company’s corporate management advanced years in a matter of months, a lot because of Dorset’s work.”

Carlos Buran, TempLog Logística
National reference in high added value logistics


“We are a small-sized family owned business and had the daring of hiring Dorset to help us see the company inside and out…

The result was incredible! To be able to count on the assessment of these boys was a privilege!! We felt like opening our black box to experts.

Trust, credibility, professionalism and transparency were constants on the relationship.

Thank you masters!!”

Cleide Trevizan
Founding Partner Vermont-rep


“We came to know Dorset via a partner’s referral and already in the first meetings we were able to notice the team’s professionalism and capacity.

Throughout the whole project the information exchange and work dynamic flowed very efficiently, as did the results presentation, which surprised us on the depth and accuracy of data.

The sketching of the business plan and elaboration of the brand expansion scenarios brought new perspectives for our partners, confirming the business model feasibility and allowing the raise of new investments with agility and security.”

Ricardo Campagnoli
Cookie’n Ice

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Financial Modeling

Wendy´s Brazil

Wendy's is a restaurant chain from the United States, founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, by Dave Thomas.

Ranked amongst the biggest restaurant chains in the world, jointly with McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway, its current headquarter is located in the city of Dublin, Ohio, and has more than 6.5 thousand restaurants around the globe.

Dorset played an instrumental role in securing the brand, as our partner Ricardo was one of the co-founders of Wendy’s Brazil, and since 2013 we have actively contributed to the structuring process of the business model, leading the technical negotiations with Wendy’s top management in the US.

This was a highly complex project in which our team applied its deep technical knowledge in order to secure the brand of Wendy’s Brazil and respective investments, whose operations started July 14th, 2016.

We thank all that have participated in this fantastic endeavor, especially our team and partners of the brand.


Jamie Oliver Brazil

Jamie Oliver is a notorious British chef, television personality and entrepreneur. Known for his use of natural and organic food, he has several restaurant operations in the UK and around the world.

Dorset supported the partners in structuring the business model for Brazil since its conception in 2012, considering all complexity and details of this operation still in early stage of development.

Our work provided a framework for the development of the business, besides anticipating essential aspects of the operation, allowing alignment amongst the partners in a professional way, contributing strongly to the initial viability of the operations.

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“As shareholders of a family business and with different professional experiences, we were searching for a Corporate Finance course which aligned our knowledges and capacitated us to use number for better decision making.

Dorset’s education model offered an informal atmosphere, pleasant and very secure to interact. The team knew how to promote rich knowledge exchanges amongst participants, in an extremely practical manner, focusing on our businesses and in examples of similar companies.

The experience with Dorset met our objectives in a very satisfactorily way. In relatively few meetings, we were able to align and enhance our knowledges and to feel fittest in our role as shareholders.”

4th Generation of Companhia Melhoramentos de SP shareholders
Class of the “Financial Analysis for Shareholders” course

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“I had the immense pleasure of working at Dorset for 3 years… years of much learning, many battles, challenges, achievements and mostly professional growth. Best possible MBA.

A company with very well defined culture and values, aligned with the entire team and an out of the ordinary ability to pivot and anticipate next steps.

I have known Ricardo for over 15 years, we have had the opportunity to work together on a different occasion, a person with corporate governance in his blood, and a fantastic ability to navigate between the “zoom out” and the “zoom in.

I strongly recommend Dorset.”

Flávio Ito
Current Director of Operations for DaVita
Was part of Team Dorset in 2013 – 2015.


“Being a part of Dorset Capital’s team was a true coaching, an enriching experience that provided me great learning and aggregated a lot on my professional career and personal life.

Dorset cherishes principles, guard its values in each action and demands the best of its members, and the result of such attitude is clear in the company’s success and its collaborator’s.

Nowadays I share the obtained knowledge in new projects and with great accomplishment and have nothing but thanks for the rich opportunity!”

Sabrina Nascimento
Was part of Team Dorset in 2013 - 2014.


“To work at Dorset was a huge learning experience for me, many challenges that provided me unique experiences, great professional and personal growth.

Dorset appreciates its values and the capacity to meet goals as well as its team transformation. One of the main knowledges I obtained was that of “zoom in” and “zoom out”, and the result of practicing this concept with the company’s principles is unexplainable.

I have nothing but thanks for the great opportunity and for all the knowledge I obtained here, I will always take them with me on my professional and personal life.”

Nathan Galvão
Was part of Team Dorset in 2019.


“At Dorset I had the pleasure to find an ethical environment, with incredible people who overflow knowledge and the will to teach.

Dorset’s team thinking is unique, its members are able to approach issues with a wide vision, which are many times overlooked by clients.

I will take with me a culture of not only rigorous method, but also of valuing people.

Thank you Dorset!”

Luis Otavio Abrahão Pinto
Was a member of Team Dorset in 2016 - 2017.